W.P.K.A. is a well- known Kickboxing Association with the headquarters based in Greece, and its Constitution is established by Greek Government.

W.P.K.A. has been operating since 1997. Until now more than 100 countries have become members and new ones are joining its efficacy.

We organize amateur fights in the following styles: Forms, Weapons, Self Defence, Semi Contact, Light Contact, Full Contact, Low Kick, Oriental and Koshiki.

Our World Administration of 11 persons, and the way we take decisions for the best of the sport, makes us a deeply organized and democratic World Association.

The great advantage of W.P.K.A. has been operative relating to other associations is that it offers some exceptional terms of cooperation, which are:

·         Free of charge registration and no subscription for a club or promoter or a federation    consisted of other World bodies to become a member;

·         No commitment required for the members cooperating with other World bodies.

·         Every year W.P.K.A. organizes high level World, Intercontinental, European and Asian Championships with participation of 40-50 countries and 800-1000 athletes, as well as World Cups and Open Tournaments.

The WPKA furthermore organizes Kickboxing Open Seminars in Municipalities, and also supports the effort of National Kickboxing Bodies to promote the sport at schools and Youth Centers.

Our Association is open to everybody to get to know the sport of Kickboxing, and has several age Divisions, starting from the age of 6 (Junior D Classes) up to +40 years old (Veteran Division).

Since 2001 , the WPKA promotes annually World Championships, Intercontinental Championships, Seminars, Training Camps , Educational Lectures open for All to participate.


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