Mr. George Thoktaridis- President of WPKA - Greece
Dr. Walid Kassas WPKA World Vice President - Lebanon  
Mr. Rishat Sayapov- Russia - 2nd European Vice President  
Mr. AbdulRahman El Rayess - Lebanon – General Secretary  
Mr. Attila Fuhrmann-Schutze- Germany- Member  
Mr. Mohammed Nohi - Iran- Member  
Mr. Pedro Hocajo - Spain - Member  

The WPKA managed to host many World Championships in the past years, as well as Intercontinental Championships such as European and Asian Championships.

All Championships attended many people, from various nations and ages between 6 years and 52.
Our past Championships was hosted in Greece (1200 athletes from 52 Countries), Cyprus (1123 athletes from 53 Countries), Spain 895 athletes from 44 Countries.

The World Pan Amateur Kickboxing Association supports the idea of Sports for All, and for this reason, it has not only National Federations as representatives, but also members and coordinators which can be independent clubs, or gyms, that promote and learn Kickboxing to their local communities.

Furthermore, the WPKA supports the efforts of their members and collaborators, to promote and learn to people with mental disabilities the sport of Kickboxing.

In the near future, WPKA will promote special events for this target group as well, as well as Seminars and Training Camps.

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